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Washington Spy Museum

It's great that ARGO is capturing the imagination of the filmgoing world.  During the master planning for the Washington Spy Museum, I spent a day in a boardroom with various experts on espionage including Antonio Mendes, who was the real-life hero of this film.  He told me not just of that mission to rescue the Canadians from Tehran, but also of the "Moscow Rules" which he developed to help spies survive in Moscow during the Cold War.  I have his book  "The Master of Disguise" - a fascinating read!  Today, the Washington Spy Museum is an outstanding success, in bringing the issues of espionage to the public in an intriguing and effective way.  My literary agent, Peter Knight, who was attached to Bletchley Park during the Second World War, says that if I had been of that generation, I would have been snapped up too. 

Adrian Fisher

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