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George Jackson Mosaic

The Installation of the George Jackson Mosaic, SciTec Building, Oundle School, Northamptonshire

Adrian Fisher's innovative 7.32 metre (24 foot) high mosaic within the SciTec Building of Oundle School, Northamptonshire was unveiled on 19th June 2010. The vigorous mosaic design celebrates the wonders of science, from astrophysics to the molecular scale, and ranging from engineering to medicine.

The mosaic is a personal tribute to the career of former pupil, George Jackson, whose distinguished career included the design of nuclear power stations and the Channel Tunnel.

This mosaic of 9,104 tesserae uses Adrian's patented Mitre Mosaic System, which involves 3 principal shapes, allows infinite patterns to be created without fault lines, and yet resolves to straight edges without cutting.  For this particular mosaic commission, Adrian worked with graphic artist Nigel Searle to develop and create this iconic image.

The sequence of photos shows how we installed the mosaic.  The mosaic was made in 6 sections of 1220 x 1220 mm panels, with irregular tiles facing up and down to interlock perfectly with the panels above and below.  In this way, you cannot see the joints at all.


Adrian Fisher

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