czwartek, 13 grudnia 2012

13 December 2012

Our son Aidan brought this beautiful mathematical vegetable home.  The intricacies of the repeated three-dimensional shapes remind me of the Mandelbrot set of images.

This was taken with a fisheye lens looking directly up at the crossing underneath the central tower of Salisbury Cathedral, showing the curved stone roofing ribs of the nave, chancel and transepts.  The similarities with the shell of a lobster are striking – which is not so surprising, since they are both that way for structural strength. 


This is the outside of Salisbury Cathedral, with a strong moon in the sky.

Here is a watercolour I painted, based on a section through a magnetic field, with various magnets present.  The ribs of the fruit, or whatever else you see in this abstract painting, follow lines within the magnetic field.   

 This is a winter morning view out of our landing window, looking out over the back garden.  The frame of the window panes emphasises the contrast between the indoor warmth and the cold frost outdoors. 

2 komentarze:

  1. Podobają mi się zdjęcia i także to, że tłumaczysz na co należy zwrócić uwagę. Pozdrawiam.
    I like the pictures and also the fact that you explain what you should look out for. Yours.

  2. Hello Adrian, so nice to see your blog! We are so looking forward to see more photos. Hugs to both of you from snowy white Poland (as always ;-)),
    Kitty and Andrew Bellingham xxx