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Mirror Maze Adventures: 4,000 sq ft / 400 sq m+

Museum, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA Our world's first Mirror Maze Adventure opened in May 2012 at the Hollywood Wax Museum, Pigeon Forge.  It brings alive the story of Princess Hannah, with 4,000 square feet of animation pre-show, mirrored chamber and special effects. Visitors become the heroes of their own adventure as they seek to rescue the princess


Classic Mirror Mazes:  1,000 sq ft / 100 sq m +

Pirate's Mirror Maze Scheveningen, near The Hague, Netherlands
The Pirates mirror maze at Scheveningen opened in April 2012.  After six installations of our new Mk7 mirror maze system across the USA, Mexico and India, this is our first Mk7 in Europe (and our 42nd mirror maze worldwide since 1991).

Laser Mazes:  200 sq ft / 20 sq m +

Our “Funovation” laser mazes are taking off all around Britain.  Two opened at the Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare in November 2010. So far this year we have two new laser mazes in London (Ripleys Museum, and Namco in County Hall), and three with Crown Leisure (Lucky Star and Mr T's in Blackpool;  and in Hafan in North Wales).

Panel Mazes:  6,000 sq ft / 600 sq m +

Adventure Maze, Active Adventures, Aigburth, Merseyside, UK, opened April 2012;  with bridges, towers and moveable gates.

Hedge Mazes:  20,000 sq ft / 2,000 sq m +

Sigurta Hedge Maze, Sigurta Gardens, Valeggio sul Mincio, Italy;  2012 is its first full season.

Cornfield Maize Mazes:  200,000 sq ft +

This year we have cornfield mazes across the This year we have cornfield mazes across the Poland and the Czech Republic, celebrating such topics as the 1912 centenary of the Titanic disaster, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

Our mazes have high hourly capacities and impressive repeat appeal.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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